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A Dreyfus View of Leading with Metrics

In the Guild's training and mentoring, we look at individual skills that make professionals successful, and we use the Dreyfus Model of Skill Acquisition to help guide and support that skill development.

I was pondering this week skill profiles for leadership roles and fell specifically on using metrics as a leadership skill. I think it probably looks like this.

Dreyfus Stages

Beginning - Blank Slate

Why do you people need all these metrics to stay on track? Just fix broken stuff and lead!

Novice - Knows basic features and rules of the skill

What is the metric, what does is mean, how do I collect it correctly?

Competent - Applies in situations and contexts

I can use this metric in this situation

Proficient - Applies salience of skill and maxims for use

How directly does this metric relate to the goal? How much weight should I give it? Is it the right metric?

Expert - Intuitively applies skills appropriately

Automatically responds to metrics appropriately and monitors effectiveness

Master - Absorbed execution

Why do you people need all these metrics to stay on track? Just fix broken stuff and lead!

This explains about 2/3 of the noise I see on this topic on coaching and consulting threads. People in one stage of their skill development talk at people in a way that does not match where the recipient is at.

Of course, speaking to people where they are at, that is another skill to develop, especially for coaches and consultant. :)

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