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Application Developer Track

You know what master programmers look like. They build solutions that excite their users and fit neatly into your system. They construct applications that just work right, change and adapt to new needs and they make it look easy.

At the Rocky Mountain Programmers Guild, we provide a path to professional mastery for practicing software developers at all levels.

Know What You Need

From years of working with master developers, we have built out an a multi-dimensional set of skills that programmers need to execute with excellence on the job.

Know Where You Are

The road to mastery takes time and practice, but it is even longer if you do not know where you are and what you need to advance. Our skill development model will help you identify where you are in each area and what is next.

Mentors Who Have Been There

To develop skills fast, you need details and concepts Google can not tell you. You need someone who has practical, professional experience, who can give you feedback on your effort, and can support you as you take your new skills back to work. Our mentors are master craftsmen with years of practice putting these skills to work in hundreds of situations and they are here to help you advance.

Focused Practice

On the job, we are like an orchestra that performs a concert every day, but rarely takes time to practice our skills, or even to tune our instruments. Guild workshops are built to give practice opportunities, to mess up and break things and try new tricks on real environments but where we cannot break our daily deliverables.

Real World Complexity

Real projects face the complexities of numerous tools and technologies, existing code bases, team work, requirements and processes, and more. Our workshops are all built around projects that bring all of these pieces together to get skills ready for real life challenges.

Grow as a Team

Work closely with other programmers and see the challenges, tips, and tricks they bring with them as well. A focus on delivery with craftsmanship and quality grows best surrounded by people aiming for the same values.

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