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Consulting Services

The Rocky Mountain Programmers Guild members have been a part of the Agile Software Development Movement since the very beginning.  Our focus in on excellence in high quality on time delivery.  We provide insight and coaching for teams of all size and at all levels.


Apply modern agile principles to your teams delivery practices.

Our consultants provide coaching at all levels.  Software development is about more than moving cards around a board.  We help teams identify and apply the best processes, planning techniques, and most importantly delivery practices for high end, world class software.


An all encompassing approach to team excellence, growth and success

We have a unique approach to helping teams and their members grow.  Based on the Artisan and Craftsmanship movements, we help the organizations create a generative, high performing team for current members and those to come.


Training and Workshops

Sharpening your tools

Software development trends change rapidly. The Guild will provide training and workshops in modern development practices and techniques.

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DevOps Coaching

High Performing Teams from Concept to Delivery

DevOps has become the most popular approach to prompt, safe delivery.  It is however confusing when you see the myriad of concepts, tools, techniques and gotchas.  Our coaches have experience helping teams from small companies to large enterprises realize their DevOps needs.

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