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Advance Towards Mastery in Application Development

Developers Series


Skills Tuned to Automation Needs

Automators Series


What is in a Series?

10,000 hours of practice is the common estimate to master a skill. That kind of practice does not happen in a class, it happens on the job. Our sessions are designed to build up, reinforce and support skills as they are put into practice in daily professional work.

Supported Learning

We use words like mentoring, coaching, and apprenticeship because we know that blind effort is slow and painful. Get the support of someone who has been down the road before you and move forward faster with fewer bruises along the way.

Structured Practice

On the job, you perform a concert every day, but when is band practice? Workshops provide structured practice with specific skill development goals to advance you more quickly. Try different approaches in controlled environments and see what more is possible on the job.

Measured Progress

To apply in real work, we have to go farther down the path to mastery than just knowledge. See where you are and what you need next in taking your skills from simple recall through situational application, solid judgment, developing a feel, and effortless execution.

Community of Practice

Draw on more than your own experience and practice. Working with a group of professional peers will reinforce and broaden essential principles and practices so you are ready for whatever challenge comes next.

Know What You Need

How do professionals learn what skills they need to excel in the first place? Our comprehensive skill matrix provides a framework for knowing what skills will have the most effective impact on your professional growth.

Take Skills Back to Work with You

Real skills are so much more than what you can repeat on a test. Take a skill from concept to practice in the workshop and then get support transferring that skill back into your professional practice.

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