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Paths for Professional Advancement

Great delivery requires great professionals, but what is our path forward? After initial training, it is generally trial and error and the occasional brownbag lunch. We can do better.


Automation Developer

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Application Developer

What Makes This Program Different?

Software Craftsmanship

Our value is measured in what we deliver, and delivery takes outstanding skills.

Craftsmanship Org Chart (1).png

5 Dimensions of Skill Development

In working with truly outstanding software professionals, we found more than 50 skills that came together to enable great performance. From those skills came 5 dimensions of practice necessary to stand out in the workplace.


Each Skill Needs Practice

Growing each of the crucial skills takes structured, focused practice that goes beyond the trial and error learning during the incidental efforts of daily work.

Dreyfus Pyramid (1).png


Those skills are learned fastest and most effectively doing them with someone who knows them.



  • Focused ​Training

  • High impact skills

  • Guided practice with master craftsman

  • Real world complexities

  • Measurable progress towards advancement

  • Parallel to regular professional practice

We call that apprenticeship. It is the RMPG way.

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