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Codecraft Workshops
for Professional Automators

Far more than just tool training, learn the skills in technologies, implementation, codecraft and lifecycle foundations that will get you the valuable, reliable, and adaptable automation that will propel your projects to success.

Spend your time hands on building automation projects with our mentors learning the effective strategies and skills you cannot get from Google or StackOverflow. Then, have their support as you transition those skills back into the challenges of your daily worklife.

Master Proven Automation Tools

Workshop projects will have you building with popular open source test automation tools such as Cucumber, Selenium, and xUnit.

Practice Solid, Effective Implementation

Learn techniques to not just build automation that runs, but also is also robust and ready for the next change in requirements or application design.

Prepare for
Real World Challenges

Build against full application implementations and conquer the complexities of messy real world projects.

Mentors Supporting Your Growth

Get focused support from our experienced mentors to quickly grow your skills, close the gap on the missing pieces, and become more effective on the job.

Build Your Complete Skillset

Our systematic skill development program will give you a path to round out the whole set of skills you need to excel in any development role.

Grow Faster Together

Learn not just the challenges in the workshop, but also share experiences with a group of other automators to broaden your exposure and speed your growth.


Upcoming Workshops

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