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Rocky Mountain Programmers Guild

The Road to Mastery Starts Here

Get mentoring from our experienced master programmers. Develop your skills to a new level and fill in the skills you are missing. Get practice applying them in real world situations so they are job ready to deliver value quickly and reliably.

Two weeks in and all this is already working better for us.

Robert L. - Development Manager


Focus on your teams needs

Tailored to your performance needs, let us help assess for and develop the skills that will have the highest impact on your team's delivery and quality.


Codecraft Workshops

Automation and Application Programming

Develop the skills you want building real world projects under the mentoring of one of our experienced master craftsmen and get their support as you put those skills into practice back at your company.


Shop Tuneup

Put Focus on Outstanding Delivery

Go beyond skill training and let us work with your shop through all of the 5 dimensions of effective delivery to improve pace, value, performance, and reliability.


Apprenticeship Programs for Your Shop

Talent for Today and Tomorrow

Establish a program that gives programmers at every skill level a measured path of advancement. Grow the talent you have and expand your recruiting options for tomorrow.


Find Out More

Shoot an email, or give Rocky Mountain Programmers Guild a ring and lets see how we can help.

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