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Announcing our Automator Workshop Series

Starting soon, practice and skill training targeted specifically to the test automators needs.

Test Automation has never been more important. We know that we need it for sustainable regression testing, agile development practices and for meaningful continuous integration practices. On top of that, the growing popularity of DevOps and Continuous Delivery make this a lynchpin in delivering software fast and effectively. Automation faces a set of development challenges specific to its problem domain, application lifecycle, change drivers, performance and stability requirements as well as specialized tools and technologies to bring to bear.

Rocky Mountain Programmers Guild is proud to announce the kickoff of a workshop program specifically designed around professional automators and the practicing the skills to help you:

  • Get the most out of your automation tools

  • Build trusted automation

  • Provide reporting that drives action

  • Build rock solid automation you feel confident in

  • Deliver trusted results to steer application development

  • Adapt to change with minimal effort or rework

The first series is focusing on web application automation using selenium webdriver, java and junit, css, xpath and git. Find more information and early bird pricing here.

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